The Jobaite Story

We are working to make one’s future brighter

Have you ever wondered why there are 100s of job portals, but none seem to have all the required information?

If yes, then we are on same boat, I am Madhan, an ex- Management consultant and Placement coordinator. I used to wonder the same thing, most job portals used to have very limited number of healthcare job openings and Jobs that are posted there cannot be called either healthcare or skilled (and as you know the what the pay will be in those jobs)

I spent my major part of my life studying and researching Healthcare ecosystem. Most reputed healthcare companies post their jobs only in their websites. Most of the experienced professionals switch jobs by networking or exploring the company websites.

Most freshers might not know about what the fields in healthcare are and what are the roles present, what are qualifications and skills required in those job.

So, we have created this platform

  • All healthcare jobs will be present in one place
  • Information such as salary estimate will be present (we won’t write salary as per industry standards)
  • You can interact with industry expects, get mentorships, and understand the need of the hour
  • Work alongside other aspirants which will help in networking and skill development (Trust me, it’s hard to meet motivated people who share your interest)
  • Each of our services are carefully curated by expert team, so you don’t have to get stressed by job searching process (We are working to make the process fun every day, if you have any suggestion, we are all ears)

Jobaite's Mission with Vision

Jobaite is not just a career portal, but it is a gate way to millions of opportunities