Our Story

Ever wondered why despite the presence of 100s of job portals, there seemed to be a lack of accurate information as well as the availability of the right kind of jobs in the healthcare industry? Why is not everything readily accessible under one roof? Why is networking essential for a job switch or search? If yes, then we are in the same boat.

I am Madhan, an ex- Management consultant and Placement coordinator. I used to wonder the same thing. I spent a major part of my life studying and researching the healthcare ecosystem.

Most reputed healthcare companies post their jobs only on their websites. Most experienced professionals switch jobs by networking or exploring company websites.

As such, freshers might not even know about the wide array of job categories this field has to offer. They will obviously be unaware of the prospects and multitude of roles present, skills required for each category, qualification requirements, strengths & weaknesses, career progression, and approximate pay scale.

Most job portals have a very limited number of healthcare job openings and jobs that are posted there cannot be called either healthcare or skilled jobs.

To top it all, there is no mention of an approximate salary to make it a desirable career choice (making it look all the more blur). The confusion around this has been persistent, hence we bring JOBAITE!

This platform will be your one-stop shop.

  • All healthcare jobs will be present in one place.
  • Information such as salary estimate will be present (we won’t write salary as per industry standards)
  • You can interact with industry expects, get mentorships, and understand the need of the hour.
  • Work alongside other aspirants which will help in networking and skill development (Trust me, it’s hard to meet like-minded, motivated people who share similar interests and goals in life).

Our Values


Our mission is to make healthcare job search easier than ordering a cup of coffee.


Our vision is to bring all the healthcare professionals under one roof. We are working towards the creation of a better, interconnected and a well-balanced healthcare ecosystem.

Ready to crush your interview? Let’s do it!

Any questions or remarks? Just write to us and we will get back to you in a business day.

If you have any suggestions for us, we would love to hear them from you.

One more thing:

We aren’t going to spam you with emails or call you a thousand times (Frankly, we can’t afford to do that at all).

But, what we can do is, evaluate your request and profile to find a solution that seems fit for you (this we can do and will do).