Case Study Interview

Are you preparing for a case-study interview? It’s natural to be nervous and it’s okay if you don’t know where to begin! We’ll break it down for you and guide you through this arduous process.

While these kinds of interviews may appear intimidating, keep this in mind: The interviewer wants you to do well. So, shake off the nerves, relax and have fun! You’ll walk into the interview, fully prepared to unpack a case study!

What are case study interviews?

A case study interview is a situation-based job interview that tests a candidate’s problem-solving skills. In a case study interview, a candidate has to solve a business challenge. The challenge, in many cases, might be a toned-down version of a project that the firm has done in the past.

Who uses case study interviews?

Usually, management consulting firms and investment firms conduct Case study interviews, but in recent years, other industries have also started to conduct case interviews.

What’s the duration of these interviews?

Usually, cases take about 20-30 minutes to complete. You may receive new information as the case progresses to prepare you for additional questions from the interviewer.

How do I increase the chances of clearing a case study interview?

What do employers usually look for in case interviews?

Often, a case study is more about the process than getting the answer, so understanding what employers look for in case interviews will help you know how to approach them. Here are four skills you need to keep in mind:

1.Problem-solving skills​ :

  • Do you make an effort to understand the key issues?
  • Do you have a structured approach?
  • Are you asking relevant questions?
  • Did you take time to consider all the options and their implications? (be creative)

2.Business sense :

  • Familiarity with basic concepts such as supply and demand
  • Understand that there are a variety of business goals (profit, revenue, market share, brand awareness, etc.)
  • Awareness of how some current companies do their business (e.g. Google makes money on advertisements, etc.)

3.Analytical capabilities :

  • Can you do basic arithmetic?
  • Can you read charts and tables?
  • Do you read between the lines? (implications of what you see)
  • How good are you at piecing together information from different sources? (synthesis and insight)

4.Communication skills :

  • Are you articulate?
  • Can you tell a compelling story (not just the solution, but why you believe it is the best)?
  • Can you organize information in an organized manner? (slide-making in some cases)
  • As in regular interviews, interviewers will notice your poise and outfit: Do you carry yourself professionally? Are you engaged and confident?

Communication :
As regular interviews, interviewers will be looking for attitude and fit: can you tell a compelling story? Can you organize information in a clear manner?

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